A Brief History of Kinesis

Kinesis Corporation was founded in February 1991 with the objective of developing a computer keyboard optimized for comfort and productivity. After extensive research, the first Kinesis contoured keyboard, the Model 100, was launched commercially in 1992. This product is patented in the U.S. and other countries worldwide.

The Model 100 was the first production-model ergonomic keyboard in the United States which was based on a traditional letter layout. Patented new manufacturing techniques had to be developed to facilitate the manufacturing process for a keyboard which lacked any significant flat surface! The success of the Kinesis contoured keyboard in solving intractable RSI problems has been remarkable and unprecedented.

A pioneering spirit:

Kinesis has pioneered other products, including the first general purpose foot switches supplementing keyboard input, the first adapter which allowed PC keyboards to connect to Macintosh computers, and also the first PS/2 keyboard adapter for Sun workstations.

In 1996 Kinesis created a family of contoured keyboards to better meet the diverse needs of its customers. Always the pioneer, Kinesis created the first Mac/PC switchable and the first QWERTY/Dvorak switchable keyboards.

1997 brought the launch of the Maxim adjustable keyboard for computer users seeking a less expensive and less exotic step up from Microsoft’s “natural” style keyboard. In 1999 and 2000, subsequent continued expansion of the Kinesis product line has added selected pointing devices, and stand-alone programmable foot pedals and keypads, and keyboard/mouse trays optimized for Kinesis keyboards.

The USB version of the contoured keyboard was introduced in 2002. Available in two models, the Advantage and the Advantage Pro. Features include: an integrated 2-port USB hub; instant configuration between Mac, Windows and non-Windows optimized layouts; and on-board, driverless programmability.

In 2003 we added a line of Kinesis brand chairs which offer a remarkable feature set and moderate price. And in 2004, we created the flexible Savant Elite family of programmable foot switches for clicking the mouse and replacing other over-used key actions.

Continued innovation:

In the spring of 2007 Kinesis introduced its highly acclaimed Freestyle Solo convertible keyboard. The Freestyle design incorporated two years of intensive research including input from both ergonomists and health professionals. The result is the first mainstream ergonomic keyboard to offer interchangeable configurations accommodating the needs of each user.

Kinesis has evolved over the years to become a company providing one-stop shopping for serious computer users looking for products offering the best in comfort and productivity. Through our family of resellers or through sales directly with Kinesis, you can count on value and service when dealing with Kinesis Corporation.

Kinesis Corporation is a privately-held Washington State corporation.