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Kinesis Introduces the Savant Elite Family of USB Programmable Foot Switches – 01/27/05

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January 27, 2005
Kinesis Corporation, Jon Biggs, Director of Sales & Marketing
(425) 402-8100

Kinesis Introduces the Savant Elite Family of USB Programmable Foot Switches for Performing Mouse Button and Keyboard Actions

Bothell, Washington — — Kinesis Corporation, the leading developer of ergonomic computer productivity products, announces the launch of the Savant™ Elite™ family of programmable USB foot switches. Designed to perform both mouse-button and keyboard actions, the Savant Elite family builds on the 6 year success of the Savant line of programmable keypads and foot switches for enhancing productivity and reducing the strain caused by repetitive computer tasks.

All Savant Elite versions are factory-programmed to perform mouse button actions. Ergonomists agree that the ability to hold a mouse for pointing and not for clicking relaxes the hand, and can dramatically reduce the strain of intensive mouse usage. However, users can re-program each pedal to perform keyboard actions, including phrases or key combinations. Savant Elite models are available with one to four comfortable front-hinged pedals. Further enhancing their value, all models are modular for easy field repairs. Some models offer adjustable pedals and can even be used with an optional hand trigger for special medical or industrial applications where shared foot/hand activation is necessary.

“Not only can you perform mouse clicks with your feet,” states Jon Biggs, Director of Sales & Marketing, “but you can move any heavily-used keyboard activity to your feet, thereby reducing the workload on your upper body.” A Savant Elite foot switch is ideal for any mouse-intensive or key-intensive task, including programming, data entry, word processing, graphic design, transcription, call center work, accounting, and media/sound editing.
While many of the applications are targeted for home or office use, the Savant Elite products are UL approved for near-patient use, so they are equally beneficial in the dentist’s or doctor’s office. There they can improve productivity when used for video or still image capture (i.e. with intra-oral cameras) and with digital radiography systems, endoscopy and ultrasound equipment.

Where space is at a premium or an especially long reach is required, a single pedal model offers a USB control module and a separate foot switch with its own 10 foot long cable, allowing the pedal to be almost 20 feet from the computer. For most users, the compact dual pedal model is the best value. Where three actions or the ability to adjust the separation between the pedals is important, the triple pedal model is an excellent choice. List pricing for the foot switches range from $99.00 to $149.00.

Dr. William Hargreaves, CEO and President of Kinesis, noted “The Savant PS/2 and USB foot switches have been very successful for us since we introduced the product family in 1998. When we set out recently to improve them, we wanted to enhance the fit and feel of the pedals and to provide more choices for our customers. We also wanted them to be available to our customers who needed a UL approved product for medical use. However, to retain the trouble-free compatibility we have experienced with our Savant product line, we have incorporated the same electronic design into the Savant Elite products. It has been very gratifying to see the strong positive response to these new products.”
These USB devices work with virtually all USB-compatible systems (PC, Macintosh, Sun, Linux) using generic device drivers provided by the operating system. Re-programming drivers are available for all current versions of Windows, with limited programming available for Macintosh. All Kinesis keyboards and computer accessories are sold with a 60 day money back guarantee if purchased directly from Kinesis. All accessories have a one year warranty on parts and labor.

Located in Bothell, Washington, Kinesis Corporation celebrates its 14th year of serving the comfort and productivity needs of professional computer users. After introducing the first letter-based alternative keyboard in the U.S. in 1992, Kinesis has pioneered the use of foot switches for data input, the introduction of protocol adapters for Macintosh and Sun systems, and the creation of Mac-PC switchable keyboards. In addition to foot switches, Kinesis currently sells a full line of computer-related ergonomic office products including office chairs, laptop accessories, keyboard trays, as well as three distinct high-performance keyboard styles. For more information about Kinesis Corporation and its products, call (800) 454-6374, e-mail or visit

Introduces USB Versions of Contoured Keyboard – 10/24/02

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October 24, 2002
Kinesis Corporation, Jon Biggs, Director of Sales & Marketing
(425) 402-8100

Kinesis Introduces USB Versions of the its Patented Contoured Keyboard

Bothell, Washington — Kinesis Corporation, the leading developer of high-performance ergonomic computer keyboards and accessories, announced the launch of the AdvantageTM USB contoured keyboard. The Advantage keyboard builds on the company’s ten years of commercial experience with the distinctive and remarkably effective contoured keyboard. This newest product family combines the convenience and reliability of USB with Kinesis’ unique MPCTM technology, allowing the user to instantly configure the keyboard for either Macintosh or PC operating environments.

Two models are available, the Advantage and the Advantage Pro. Offered in black or white, the Advantage feature set includes: (1) integrated 2-port USB hub; (2) instant configuration between Mac, Windows and non-Windows optimized layouts; (3) on-board, driverless programmability which supports QWERTY/Dvorak layout switching, unlimited key remapping, and up to 48 macros; and (5) support for optional foot switches (up to three single action or one triple action foot switch), allowing users to activate key actions and/or macros with their feet.

Unique features of the Advantage Pro include: (1) custom metallic clear-coat glossy finish with black keys; (2) bundled single action foot switch; (3) memory locking switch, which protects users or managers against accidental or unauthorized programming of the keyboard; and (4) a second memory chip for longer macros (up to 140 characters).

Jon Biggs, Director of Marketing for Kinesis, states “the Advantage sets a new standard for USB keyboards. The keyboard is loaded with features, including our MPC technology which allows the user to instantly change configurations for Mac, Windows and non-Windows PC operating environments. We wanted to offer one keyboard that would satisfy the demands of our entire user base. Whether you are a Macintosh, Windows or Linux user the Advantage offers a configuration that is optimized for your environment.”

List prices for the Advantage, the Advantage QWERTY/Dvorak version and the Advantage Pro are $299, $325 and $359, respectively. All keyboards come with a limited two year warranty and also a 60 day money back guarantee when purchased directly from Kinesis.

Kinesis Corporation invested almost two years in research and development before introducing the first U.S. QWERTY ergonomic keyboard late in 1992. The patented contoured keyboard employs a feature-rich design combining maximum comfort and productivity. It is preferred by intensive keyboard users to maximize output with minimum effort, and prescribed by health-care professionals to solve overuse problems.

Located in Bothell, Washington, Kinesis Corporation is in its twelfth year of operation. The Company also offers other unique ergonomic keyboards (the Maxim TM adjustable and the Evolution TM fully adjustable keyboards), plus the Savant TM family of programmable foot switches and keypads, ergonomic pointing devices, and thin keyboard/mouse trays. For more information about the Company and its entire line of products please visit our website, or send email to

Kinesis Introduces First Fully-Adjustable and Retractable Ergonomic Computer Keyboard – 01/10/01

For Immediate Release

January 10, 2001
Kinesis Corporation, Jon Biggs, Director of Sales & Marketing
(425) 402-8100

Kinesis Introduces First Fully-Adjustable and Retractable Ergonomic Computer Keyboard

Bothell, Washington — Kinesis Corporation announced the latest addition to its line of high-performance ergonomic computer keyboards: the Evolutionä fully adjustable keyboard family. Evolution keyboards consist of left and right modules connected only by a cable, so each module can be independently adjusted. User benefits include enhanced productivity and accuracy, reduction of tension on the hands, wrist and forearms and very little adaptation time.
A chair-mounted and desktop version will be offered, but the most exciting development is the new track-mounted version. This model attaches to a fully articulating arm, allowing for totally adjustable positioning. The track-mounted Evolution is the first keyboard combining full control over the height and attitude of left and right modules, offering a full range of movement in all three planes for each half-keyboard module. Also important is the ability to slide the keyboard completely under the desk for storage without changing the user’s settings.

The Evolution family has its heritage in the Interfaces keyboard, originally developed by medical professionals and produced by Cramer, Inc, a Kansas City manufacturer of high quality seating and related items. Kinesis was recently granted exclusive rights by Cramer to manufacture and market the keyboard. Kinesis has enhanced the original design in several ways, creating the new track-mounted model and adding on-board programming features at no extra charge to the entire Evolution line.

“The results with the new track-mounted Evolution are astounding!” states Jon Biggs, Director of Marketing for Kinesis. The chair-mounted keyboard has been very popular, but isn’t suitable for people who get up and down often. The track-mounted Evolution gives you the best of both worlds – all the flexibility and comfort of a chair-mounted keyboard but the added convenience of instant entry and exit. You never have to re-adjust the keyboard once you get it right. You can use the chair you already have and love and there is no need to purchase a separate adjustable keyboard arm and tray.”
Biggs further points out, “In speaking with ergonomists and other safety and health professionals we found that there is a need for a keyboard that offers virtually an infinite amount of adjustability and high performance features like mechanical switches, integrated pointing device and the ability to totally customize the key layout or reduce keystrokes through keyboard macros.”

Features of this PC-compatible (PS/2) keyboard include:
• Programmable (on-board) – unlimited key remapping with no software required
• Independent lateral tilt of each module between 0-90 degrees
• Negative tilt – unlimited range
• Separation of the left and right keyboard modules – 8″ to 17.5″
• Adjustable height – from desk height to minus six inches
• Storage under desk when not in use, usually without having to change keyboard adjustments
• Integrated touchpad for either right or left hand users (or both!)
• Tactile mechanical key switches

Dr. William Hargreaves, Ph.D., President and CEO of Kinesis, notes “All Kinesis keyboard models are designed to encourage a relaxed, ergonomically correct posture for the arms and body. This design principle maximizes comfort, increases productivity and reduces fatigue for the user. Many of our products are programmable so users can easily customize them. The Evolution keyboard family enhances our ability to offer a range of input devices so that every professional computer user can find something that fits his or her individual needs.”
Hargreaves further states, “You can expect the same product quality with the Evolution that is found in all of our other products. We have updated the design and production procedures to maximize performance, features and reliability. We pride ourselves on our customer service and technical support and have recently added to our staff to accommodate a number of recently-added products.”

All Evolution models are currently available in black. Compatible with virtually all personal computers, the keyboard connects to the PS/2 keyboard port while the integrated touchpad from Cirque can connect to either the PS/2 mouse port or to a serial port. Kinesis sells a PS/2 to USB adapter, creating Macintosh compatibility. At this time the track-mounted version is available bundled with the latest low-profile Waterloo adjustable arms in both 17″ and 22″ track lengths. This keyboard is also available without an arm if the customer already has a Waterloo arm. The Evolution will be sold through Kinesis’ and Cramer’s existing reseller base or may be purchased directly from Kinesis.

About Kinesis Corporation Kinesis Corporation, founded in 1991, is a privately held company headquartered in Bothell, Washington. Kinesis offers a wide range of ergonomically designed computer keyboards and input devices intended for professional computers users seeking to maximize both productivity and comfort. Many of Kinesis’ products have been used successfully by computer workers who were injured using non-ergonomic computer input devices. Kinesis’ patented contoured keyboard family is recognized for its remarkably effective ergonomic features and has been nationally acclaimed with several design and usability awards. For more information about Kinesis Corporation and its products, please call 800-454-6374 (425-402-8100) or send e-mail to

Kinesis Announces the Introduction the Maxim Adjustable Keyboard – 09/17/97

For Immediate Release

September 17, 1997
Kinesis Corporation, Jon Biggs, Director of Sales & Marketing
(425) 402-8100

Kinesis Announces Introduction of Adjustable Keyboard and Stand Alone Numeric Keypad

Bothell, Washington — Kinesis Corporation, the leading developer of ergonomic computer keyboards and accessories, announced the release of its first adjustable-split keyboard. Available in September ‘97, the Kinesis MaximTM adjustable keyboard offers the most ergonomic features for users who want zero setup and adaptation time.

Maxim’s many ergonomic features include:
• Variable split: allows the user to select a preferred separation angle between the left and right keys to straighten wrists;
• Adjustable lateral tilt: provides three “tent” settings (0, 8 & 14 degrees). This allows the user to minimize forearm tension without the pitfalls of excessive tilt;
• Removable, padded palm supports: adds comfort by providing a padded surface to support arm weight, thus relaxing the neck and shoulders and providing a soft resting place for the hands; and
• Soft tactile switches: provides both a soft touch and tactile feedback.

Dr. William Hargreaves, President and CEO of Kinesis, noted “Our intention is to provide a complete line of high quality ergonomic computer keyboards and accessories that meets the needs of a wide variety of computer users. The Maxim adjustable keyboard furthers this goal by targeting individuals who do not require the advanced features of our contoured keyboards, but at the same time want significantly improved comfort and flexibility.”

The Maxim was not only designed for comfort but incorporates many productivity features as well, including:
• Embedded 10-key: just like with Kinesis contoured keyboards, the embedded 10-key enhances productivity by eliminating the need to reach away from the home row. The numbers are right underneath the user’s fingertips.
• Extremely easy transition: with a layout identical to traditional PC keyboards, adaptation time is virtually zero;
• Pointing device is close at hand: the Maxim has the smallest footprint of any QWERTY ergonomic keyboard, allowing a shorter reach to a mouse;
• Separate 10-key: the optional Kinesis numeric keypad is available as either a stand alone item or as an accessory connected to the keyboard. Perfect for intensive 10-key users, the Kinesis keypad can be positioned for either the right or left hand.
• Flexible configuration: features combine to improve efficiency since the keyboard conforms optimally to the user’s preferences and immediate tasks; and
• Windows® 95 compatible: has dedicated right and left Windows keys and Application key.

Priced at $179.00, the Kinesis Maxim is backed by the same limited lifetime warranty offered on the Kinesis contoured keyboards along with a 60-day money back guarantee. “We listened to the marketplace!” stated Jon Biggs, Director of Marketing. “Many computer users are requesting a keyboard that adjusts and conforms to their physical attributes and typing habits, while still incorporating the familiar PC keyboard layout. That’s what we have accomplished with the Maxim – an ergonomic design that’s fully adjustable without requiring an adaptation period.”

Also available in September ‘97 is the Kinesis keypad. This separate 10-key allows users several configurations – as a stand alone item, in operation with other PC keyboards, or in conjunction with the Kinesis Maxim adjustable keyboard. Selling for $79.00, the Kinesis keypad plugs in the keyboard port of any PC and does not require special software or drivers. Because the keypad plugs directly into the keyboard port, the computer recognizes it with no setup required. The Kinesis keypad can also be used alongside any PC keyboard (including Kinesis contoured keyboards) by utilizing a Dual Keyboard Adapter, available from Kinesis for $49.95. However, the keypad does not require the dual keyboard adapter when operating with the Maxim.

Other options include specially-priced packages ($259) combining Maxim keyboard and interface devices for Macintosh or Sun computers.

Located in Bothell, Washington, Kinesis Corporation celebrates its sixth year of operation, and fifth year of continuous production of its highly-regarded contoured keyboards. For more information about Kinesis Corporation and its products, please call (425) 402-8100 or send e-mail to