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October 26, 2012
Kinesis Corporation, Jon Biggs, Director of Sales & Marketing
(425) 402-8100

Kinesis Introduces the Freestyle2 for Mac, a Fully-Splittable Ergonomic Keyboard

Bothell, Washington, October 26th, 2012– Kinesis® Corporation, the leading innovator of ergonomic computer input devices, announces the release of the Mac version of its Freestyle2TM convertible ergonomic keyboard. The Freestyle2 for Mac now has two high-speed USB ports (USB 2.0), plus the same dramatically thinner profile of the Freestyle2 PC model. The highly Mac-optimized layout of the original Freestyle for Mac is retained with minor improvements in the arrangement of the left-side driverless macro keys. All Freestyle2 products sport the same elegant charcoal-gray color.

Like the original Freestyle keyboard launched in 2007, Freestyle2 is still the only keyboard to offer the most natural, completely-split configuration preferred by 92% of test subjects in a 2009 study by Atlas Ergonomics. A totally-split keyboard provides maximal comfort of wrists, shoulders, and neck. Adjustable front splay is also available using the included clip-on Pivot Tether TM. Optimal forearm comfort is achieved with or without palm supports using one of the available Freestyle2 multi-level tenting accessories. These accessories have reproducible and sturdy instant-adjustment features. The thinner profile of the Freestyle2 keyboard makes it appropriate for both office and travel use.

Intuitive features and affordable accessories allow Freestyle2 to adjust to each individual’s unique body type – from petite to large frame. As a result, health and safety professionals attending the December, 2011 National Ergonomics Conference awarded the PC version of the Kinesis Freestyle2 their “Attendees Choice Award” as one of the new products most likely to increase productivity and profitability, while improving workplace health and safety. Now Mac users can benefit from this proven design with even more features.

Features of the Freestyle2 for Mac Keyboard

• Two high-speed USB ports on the back of the keyboard provide convenient connectivity for mouse or other low-power USB devices.
• Dramatically thinner design compared to the original Freestyle keyboard, Freestyle2 can serve as both a desktop and travel ergonomic keyboard.
• Increased standard separation of the keyboard modules compared to original Freestyle, now up to 9 inches.
• Mac-specific driverless hot keys and multi-media keys reduce mouse clicks and the improved arrangement of these increases productivity.
• Small tactile ridges added to certain keys provide improved positional feedback and typing accuracy.
• Reduced key noise compared to original Freestyle with the same low-force tactile key switches.
• Proven design addresses the major ergonomic risk factors related to keyboarding by minimizing ulnar deviation, forearm pronation, wrist extension, over-reach for the mouse, and excessive force.

New Freestyle2 VIP3 Accessory Kit

The optional Freestyle accessory packages include the new VIP3™, plus the original V3™ and Ascent Multi-Tent™ accessories. Like the V3, the new VIP3 (V-lifter with Integrated Palm supports, 3 angles) now provides 5, 10, and 15 degrees of tenting. The included clip-on padded palm supports ensure that wrists are in a neutral, comfortable position when not actively typing, no matter how the keyboard is adjusted. Both “V-lifter” accessories clip securely to the underside of the keyboard without tools. The unique Ascent Multi-Tent accessory provides tenting in the range of 20 to 90 degrees, adjustable at 10 degree intervals. All tenting accessories provide quick, reproducible, and rock-solid adjustments, and can be used with the keyboard completely separated or splay.

Jon Biggs, Kinesis’ Director of Sales and Marketing explains, “the design process for the Freestyle2 was basically fine tuning an already-proven product. The new high-speed USB ports add convenience. We reduced the thickness of the keyboard, making it suitable for both office and travel use and, and we made an already-quiet keyboard quieter. Based on customer feedback, the position of the ‘fn’ key was moved to reduce hitting it accidentally.”

Biggs reaffirmed that “Kinesis is committed to offering an ergonomic keyboard family meeting the full range of corporate and individual user needs. The modular design allows users to pick the features they need. Corporations can benefit from standardizing on the Freestyle2 family because it offers productivity-boosting configurations meeting the majority of their keyboard requirements with a common user interface and driverless installation.”

Suggested list price for the Freestyle2 for Mac keyboard is $109.00. The accessories are priced at $40 for the VIP3 kit and $24.95 for the V3 kit. The all-metal Ascent Multi-Tent kit is listed-priced at $199.

About Kinesis

Located in Bothell, Washington, Kinesis Corporation is in its 21st year of serving the comfort and productivity needs of computer users. Kinesis introduced the first letter-based alternative keyboard (the still-popular Contoured keyboard) in the U.S. in 1992, then pioneered the use of foot switches for data input. Kinesis currently sells a full line of computer-related ergonomic office products including programmable foot pedals, laptop accessories, keyboard trays, as well as three distinct high-performance keyboard lines. For more information about Kinesis Corporation and its products, call (800) 454-6374, e-mail or visit