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Quick Start Guide & User’s Manual

Advantage2 Keyboard Quick Start Guide
Advantage2 Keyboard User’s Manual
Advantage2 Keyboard Quick Start Guide for European Layouts – DE, SE & UK

Advantage2 SmartSet App

The SmartSet App offers a convenient graphical interface for custom programming your Advantage2 keyboard on Windows. The App works in conjunction with the onboard programming shortcuts and can be used to view and customize layouts, assign special key actions, as well as create and edit powerful macros.

NOTE: The SmartSet App is only intended for use with a US keyboard driver. For non-US drivers please program the keyboard manually via the onboard programming functions.

To download, please click on the following link which will take you to the Adv2 SmartSet App page:

Firmware Updates

Advantage2 Firmware Update Instructions
Tech Notes for all Firmware Updates

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Firmware Updates for Keyboards with the US Layout
Advantage2 Firmware Ver.1.0.431_2mb_us (2mb version)
Firmware Updates for Keyboards with Non-US Layouts
Advantage2 Firmware Ver.1.0.431_2mb_de_se (German & Swedish 2mb version)
Advantage2 Firmware Ver.1.0.431_2mb_uk (UK 2mb version)
Technical Notes (non-firmware specific)
KVM Switches & Advantage2 Keyboards
Advantage2 Contoured Keyboard Features