Advantage2 SmartSet App

The SmartSet App offers a convenient graphical interface for custom programming your Advantage2 keyboard on Windows. The App works in conjunction with the onboard programming shortcuts and can be used to view and customize layouts, assign special key actions, as well as create and edit powerful macros.

Mac/Linux Note: We have published the source code on GitHub. Please scroll to the bottom of the page to view the link.

The SmartSet App is only intended for use with the US keyboard driver. For non-US drivers please program the keyboard manually via the onboard programming functions.

Step 1) Updating Your Advantage2 Firmware

Before you begin, please open a text editor like Microsoft Word and run a Status Report to confirm whether you have a 2MB or 4MB version of the Advantage2.

If you have a 2MB keyboard, please download and install the latest firmware update (v.1.0.431 2MB Version). The new firmware has a special “Rescue Reset” command that can restore the keyboard to factory settings if the v-Drive becomes corrupted.

Download Advantage2 Firmware File: Version_1.0.431_2MB

Download Firmware Installation Instructions


Step 2) Installing the SmartSet App on the keyboard

Step 1) Download the Smart App to your Windows computer using the link below. Unzip if necessary to reveal the .exe file.

Advantage2 SmartSet App v1.0.1 (Windows)

Step 2) Use the onboard shortcut (Program + F1) to open the keyboard’s v-Drive. (Power User Mode must be enabled with Program + Shift + Esc).

Step 3) Use Windows File Explorer to locate and open the “KINESIS KB” removable drive on your computer.

Step 4) Copy the downloaded App from your computer, and paste it to the top-level folder in “KINESIS KB” (next to the active and firmware subfolders).

Step 5) While the v-Drive is open, create a backup of your current configuration files by copying all the entire “active” subfolder on the v-Drive and pasting a copy to your desktop.


Step 3) Using the SmartSet App

Before experimenting with the SmartSet App, please read through the entire User Manual which is part of the SmartSet download.

When you are ready to begin using the App, open the v-Drive and double-click the SmartSet icon to launch the App. To custom program your Advantage2, you must always run the App from the keyboard’s v-Drive, not directly from your PC.

CAUTION: When you have finished using the App, save your changes, close the App, and then right-click the “KINESIS KB” removable drive in Windows Explorer and select the “Eject” operation to ensure the App has finished writing to the v-Drive files. FAILURE TO EJECT CAN LEAD TO FILE CORRUPTION. Once the drive has been ejecting by Windows, using Program + F1 to close the v-Drive and return the keyboard to its normal operating mode.

At any point during testing, please return to this page and submit feedback using the form below. If you complete testing without any problems, please use this form to let us know.

Open Source Code

We have published the source code on GitHub so that our talented Mac and Linux users can develop their own version of the App:

If you have questions or need support, please contact technical support: