Become a reseller

Purchasing Through Distribution

If you prefer to purchase through one of our distributors, Synnex or AB Distributing, or if any of the following apply, you will need to complete and sign our MAP agreement below.

  • Primary focus is not office ergonomics
  • Ordering infrequently and mostly drop shipments
  • Are strictly an online store
  • Do not wish to participate in a training webinar on Kinesis products
  • Have a customer specifically asking for a product(s) and you desire to fill just this order

Once you have submitted the completed and signed MAP we will notify you when your account has been authorized to purchase Kinesis products with Synnex or AB Distributing, approximately (1) business day.

If you do not have a Synnex or AB account please contact Kinesis sales at

Submitting the completed MAP agreement

Our preferred method is for you to electronically sign the MAP PDF and email us the saved document at

However, if you do not have the means to electronically sign the agreement, then email a signed, scanned copy of the document. You may also fax us the agreement to (425) 402-8181.

PDF Logo Kinesis/Synnex MAP Agreement

PDF Logo Kinesis/AB Distributing MAP Agreement

PDF Logo Kinesis MAP Schedule