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Atlas Ergonomics Study: Workers Strongly Prefer Kinesis Freestyle Keyboard

An intensive five-month study conducted by Atlas Ergonomics found that 96% of the participants preferred the Kinesis Freestyle keyboard over their initial keyboard. Surprisingly, 92% preferred to separate rather than splay the two keying modules, and 90% used a separation greater than that of the market’s best-selling fixed-split design, the Microsoft Natural.

Separation vs. Splay

Summary of study and other findings:

For seven months in 2009, Atlas Ergonomics studied the impact of the Freestyle keyboard’s unique split design on posture, comfort, and performance on approximately 80 employees of a large U.S. software company. The study focused on the positions of the hands and upper extremities during keyboard use. Participants were provided with the Freestyle keyboard and VIP accessory could be set in many different positions, from simply splayed to widely separated, to suit each individual’s size, shape, habits and workstation. Data on posture and upper-body discomfort were gathered prior to use of the new keyboards, and employees were tracked for up to five months after the new keyboards were introduced.

With no decrease in performance or productivity, participants adopted a variety of positions, consistently discovering set-ups that significantly improved their posture (54 to 71% reduction in ulnar deviation) and reducing neck/upper extremity discomfort by as much as 79%.

Please click on the following link to download copy of the white paper providing a complete overview of this study:

Atlas Ergonomics White Paper