Corporate purchasing

Purchasing Direct Through Kinesis

We encourage our corporate, educational and government customers to purchase through our ergonomic reseller channel or national corporate resellers. However, you may also purchase direct from Kinesis.

For Fortune 500 Companies, Educational and Government Institutions we will accept purchase orders. Provided the
following is stated on your PO:

  • Payment terms of NET 30 DAYS
  • The complete billing and shipping addresses
  • Part numbers and prices for all products being ordered
  • Ability to add the shipping and handling charge to the order or include the shipping and handling amount quoted from
  • A name, phone number, and email of a contact in Accounts Payable (for the first order)

For all other organizations we require prepayment by credit card, wire transfer (transfer fee will apply) or company
check. Please contact Kinesis sales ( for product, pricing and shipping options.