FAQs – Freestyle keyboard

What do the four LED’s on the top right of the keyboard indicate?
Caps Lock, Num Lock, Scroll Lock and Fn.
The plastic piece that holds the left & right side of keyboard broke. Can I get a replacement?
Yes, pivot tethers can be quickly mailed directly to you. Please contact sales or tech support and remember to provide the serial number of your keyboard as w

Can I remap keys on my Freestyle keyboard?
No. The Freestyle keyboard is not programmable.

I have a PC Freestyle keyboard. How come the hot-keys aren’t working with my Mac computer?
The hot-keys on the left side of the Freestyle will only work with the specific operating system it was designed for. If you connect a PC Freestyle2 to a Mac the hot-keys will not work, however as a work-around you can swap Ctrl with Command in the operating system which will allow the hot-keys to work:

Go to System Preferences/Keyboard/modifier keys (make sure the selected device is for the Freestyle keyboard (KB800PB)). Swap Ctrl with Command. Now the hot-keys will work as intended. This will also make the individual Ctrl keys behave as Command keys, which makes more sense on a Mac.

Do I need to install any software or drivers?
No. The Freestyle keyboard is recognized by the operating system as a standard USB device and thus loads the default keyboard driver on the operating system. The Freestyle2 keyboard is plug & play.

How do I install the VIP3 or V3 accessory?
Instructional videos for installing the VIP3 and V3 accessory are located in the Videos Tab on the Freestyle2 keyboard product pages.